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August 2020 Update

“We have a responsibility to help those around us and help others in need” ~ Virginia Williams 
In these crucial times we have the need to prove that humanity is still alive. People are just not in the need of financial support, but also emotional and moral support. Team Ashvattha is trying it’s best, amidst the pandemic, to provide financial and moral support to the people who come for help. Thank you donors and volunteers for driving the organization in these dangerous times. Proud to have you as part of Ashvattha. 

Received a request from our volunteer to help Rajeshwar, Age 65 years, who is suffering from a chest problem. He was diagnosed with bilateral multiple predominantly peripheral, posterior airspace densities – Ground glass opacities, consolidation, crazy paving pattern, sub pleural bands. Involvement of upper, middle/lingular and lower lobes bilaterally. With a lot of effort and help he was admitted to Delta hospital in Hasthinapuram, Hyd. It cost him about 40k per day and coming from an agricultural background his family was not able to bear the hospital expenses. Team Ashvattha reached out to the family and donated a check of Rs.40,000 to Rajeshwar’s wife. 
We hope Rajeshwar recovers soon and stays healthy! 
AshvatthaAugust 2020 Update