About Ashvattha

Who are we:

A team of Common people who are ready to stretch hands for anyone who is in need of help and any kind of help.Many needs in this world from food, health, education to any means needs money. We as a Not for Profit Organization utilize every single penny for the use of Humanity irrespective of Religion, Race, Gender and Place.

Why we:

We don’t spend a single penny of Donor’s Gift Money on Advertisements, promotions, Employment paychecks, rents, utilities or anything in order  to maintain the organization. Our Goal is to utilize every single penny to make it worth and helpful. We work with people spending our personal extra time to cut all expenses.

The support of caring people like you helps ensure that Ashvattha will continue its help to needy.Your donations help bring us closer to the day when every precious life can be saved. All the Donations received are spend wisely on medical needs, natural Calamities and for Education.

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Our Goals

The goal of the charity is to ensure that we always have the funds readily available to help children get a proper education

Our Impact


Volunteering is a great way to contribute and build human relationships, where people are acting on behalf of a group or community with a desire to involve, impact and help. The dedication with which our volunteers work proves that fact that miracles happen when people are willing to do rather than having to do. Every event we conducted so far was successful only because of these people who are willing to take great responsibilities with utmost care and dedication. Along with their great skills, volunteers bring a lot of knowledge to the team which helps us improve the way we serve. They act as a bridge between the organization and the people and we appreciate all the great work they do. It is also true that an individual also benefits from volunteering by gaining a lot of self-confidence influencing the people around them and impacting the society. It’s a amazing feeling to inspire and get inspired by great souls we meet in our lives. A collective responsibility always gives solid outcomes.

Our volunteers spent a lot of time understanding and investigating each a every request that comes to Ashvattha for help. They travel long distances to make sure the case is genuine before we make a donation as we value every penny you donate. Sometimes, more than money, it is the kind words and the caring nature that creates hope and trust on a person or group. Only a person who has a heart to serve can fulfill all these roles. We are fortunate to have such great people in our team and we truly appreciate their work! If you are one such person and willing to join us, we are more than happy to invite you into the group. Please send an email to contact@ashvattha.org and send us your details!

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