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March 2021 Update 1

Chandrakala is one such soul fighting this hard battle. Chandrakala, a 58 year old is suffering from Intestine Cancer (Adenocarcinoma). As per the scans, there is a huge chunk of flesh got stripped around the large intestine which can’t be removed directly through surgery but its thickness has to be reduced periodically thru some procedure at regular intervals and then they can plan for the surgery. No hospital was accepting her as the situation was critical, finally Continental Hospital, hyderabad accepted her for the treatment and to undergo surgery. The family has already spent so much money for the treatment and needs much more for the surgery. One of our regular donors brought this to our attention seeking help. With our volunteers’ help we are able to reach out to the family in continental hospital and hand over a check of Rs.40,000. We sincerely pray for Chandrakala to gain that strength and courage to fight back the monsters cancer and with great hope wish for him to win this battle.

We hope Chandrakala recovers soon to live a happy life with her family. Thank you donors and volunteers for your help! 

AshvatthaMarch 2021 Update 1