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Ashvattha – April 2021 Update 2

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible ” ~Christopher Reeve

There may be a thousand reasons why something will not work, but there will always be one reason to make it work. Just believe in that reason and don’t lose hope. Hope is the only thing that pushes you to dig deeper, find alternatives and never give up. It makes anything possible. 

Vaishnavi is one such soul fighting this hard battle at a very young age.  Vaishnavi, a 18 year old,  is suffering from Blood Cancer. She was admitted in Basavatarakam hospital, for treatment which costs approximately 16 Lakhs. The family financial condition cannot afford the cost for treatment. One of our regular donors brought this to our attention seeking help. With our volunteers’ help we are able to reach out to the family and hand over a check of Rs.20,000 to Vaishnavi’s father. We sincerely pray for Vaishnavi to gain that strength and courage to fight back the monsters cancer and with great hope wish for him to win this battle. 

AshvatthaAshvattha – April 2021 Update 2