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December 2020 Update 2

“We rise by lifting others” ~ Robert Ingersoll

Never underestimate the difference you can make in others lives. Team Ashvattha is always willing to take a step forward, reach out to someone that needs a lift. And, we are proud to have volunteers and donors who help us achieve those goals.

This is one more request from our volunteer to help a young man, Naveen, from Khammam who met with an accident. He fell off the bike trying to avoid hitting a dog. Unfortunately, the accident caused severe head and spinal cord injuries. The doctors said the situation was critical and he also could have a blood clot in his head. The 24-year was working at a printing press to feed his family. He or his family was not in a position to bear the expenses of the treatment. Our volunteers went all the way to Khammam and handed over a check of Rs.20,000 to the family. 

We hope he recovers soon to take care of himself and the family. Thank you donors and volunteers for your help! 

AshvatthaDecember 2020 Update 2