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September 2020 Update

“Never let the things you cannot do prevent you from doing the things you can.” ~ Coach John Wooden.
Yes, we may be confined to our houses, not to meet others, not to travel and many more things. But, no one can stop us from talking to our loved ones, providing emotional support to friends and family, making someone smile with a little help.
Team Ashvattha is constantly trying to do that little help to make people smile. 

A couple of requests came to  Ashvattha to help little babies fight for their life within days after they were born. All we could do is provide a little financial help and say some kind words to their families. That was enough to make them stay strong during the tough times they are facing. It was heart melting to see the pictures of these babies on the hospital bed. We hope and pray they recover soon to spend a happy life. 

Request 1:
Shaivi, a 2-months old baby is suffering from Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH)/ Cerebral Bleed. She was being treated at Prathima Children’s Hospital, Kompally. The treatment cost more than 10 Lakhs and the family has done all it can to collect that amount. They reached out to all possible sources and one of our volunteers brought this request to Ashvattha. We reached out to the baby’s family to get the details. Knowing their condition we donated a check of Rs.40,000 to help with the expenses. 

Request 2:
Another baby boy, son of Naveen and Swathi, who was just 2 weeks old was diagnosed to have heart problems and needed a heart surgery. He was being treated at the Rainbow Hospital, LB Nagar. Baby’s Parents are from a poor background and are desperately looking for help to save their just born baby. Our volunteers got in touch with the family and donated an amount of Rs.40,000. Team Ashvattha followed up after the surgery. The family notified that the baby was on a ventilator but is recovering. That is good news.

AshvatthaSeptember 2020 Update