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June & July 2020 Update

“Stop the spread, Stay home!” 
Last few months have been the greatest test for humanity. We all stayed locked in our homes for greater good, most of the people lost their jobs, lost their homes, traveled thousands of miles barefoot to reach their families and many lost their lives. It was unfortunate and painful to just watch and do nothing about our loved ones suffering. COVID not just shook the roots of humanity, it asked us to stop running this blind race for a moment and rethink the whole purpose of this life. Stay home, take this opportunity to spend time with your family and take care of them. Give moral support to all your friends and family who need it the most in these tough times. 
Team Ashvattha is trying to do its best in this situation to help people in need. As you all know we did basic and essential food items donation to the migration workers. We donated to the PM relief fund. Some of our volunteers even came forward and donated masks for the homeless and the poor. We were able to continue to help the people in need, as the need for help is much more in these hard times. We worked on multiple requests in the past couple of months. Below are the details.

Mask Donation:

Request 1:
Helped Raju Reddy, age 33, a farmer by occupation and works as a daily labour in Ramanthapur, Uppal. In an emergency situation he was admitted into ICU at Sunrise Hospitals. Diagnosed as Rodenticide Poison and K/C/O Seizures Disorder, he needed 4 Lakhs for the treatment. The request to help Raju came from an Ashvattha Volunteer and the team was able to step forward immediately and donate a check of Rs.25,000. The check was donated to one of the family members. Few masks were also donated to the person who received the check, so he can distribute them to the family members and their co-laborers. Later, we came to hear that Raju was discharged from hospital and recuperating at home. He and his family members thanked everyone at Ashvattha for the timely help.

Request 2:
We received a request to help a poor lady, about 60 years old, a resident of Kothagudem, who had to undergo a surgery to remove her Uterus. She is a widow and her only son works as a daily labor. Due to the current COVID situation, the hospitals were not accepting Arogyasri and so she couldn’t afford the surgery herself. Our volunteers brought this request to Team Ashvattha and we were able to donate an amount of Rs.15,000. Hope she recovers soon.

Request 3:
Lavanya, 31 years female from Karimnagar, was suffering from severe abdominal pain, fever and cough. She was admitted in Global Multispeciality Hospital and was diagnosed with Bilateral Renel Calculus – Bilateral URSL with DJ stenting done. The problem was related to Uterus, Kidney and bladder. Her husband works as a daily labourer and couldn’t afford the cost of surgery or treatment. Family and friends helped her financially with the surgery expenses, but now she is facing post-surgery complications and has to visit hospital every week. They were looking for help as they couldn’t afford the expenses. One of the volunteers brought this request to Ashvattha and we were able to donate her with a check of Rs.30,000. Hope she recovers soon and stays healthy.

Amidst, all this chaos, Ashvattha is able to move forward only because of you generous donors and committed volunteers. Thank you all for staying with us in these hard times. Stay home and stay safe!
AshvatthaJune & July 2020 Update