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January 2020 Update 2

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
It is not everyday we find meaning in the things we do and the things we own. Most of the time we find it in the happiness of others. And, Life gives us the purpose and sense of fulfillment when the happiness is due to an act of kindness from oneself. That fulfillment drives us to do much more to fill happiness in the world. That is what we at Ashvattha are always striving for. We appreciate all the support we are getting from you, in our journey.

Here is the story of Deepak and Jayashree trying to save their 9 months old baby boy Ranveer Singh. Ranveer was admitted to Nice Hospital under critical conditions with nasal bleeding, blood in stool, skin rashes and skin infection. The little one was monitored for manifestations of thrombocytopenia and bleeding. And, he needs a bone marrow transplantation. The treatment would cost more than Rs.15 Lakhs and the family is not in a financial situation to bear such expenses. They reached out to Ashvattha for help and one of our volunteers visited Deepak, the boy’s father, at the hospital to donate a check of Rs.25,000. It was heart-breaking to see the pictures of the baby in his father’s phone. Hard to imagine how the little one is surviving the treatment. All we can do is provide some moral support to the family and pray that the baby boy gains the strength to survive.

We hope Ranveer recovers soon to live a normal healthy life. Thank you donors and volunteers for your help!
AshvatthaJanuary 2020 Update 2