March 2019 Update

“Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts ” ~Unknown
Though science has advanced to a great extent over the years and found great solutions to complex problems, there is always a new challenge every day. The field of medicine is no exception to this. We all believe in the doctors and the science they have learned, to help us live and extend our life for a little bit more. Unfortunately, LIFE doesn’t come that easy. It challenges every belief you have and at times even those learned doctors would hope for a miracle to save a LIFE. Such miracles always and only happen due to common people with kind hearts. Here is the story of one such life hoping for a miracle. 

Nuthana Teja, a one-year-old beautiful baby, is suffering from ADENOVIRUS with refractory hypoxemia. This virus has no medicine to cure and she is put on ventilation for the past few days. The little girl is undergoing treatment at Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. As there is no medicine, she need to be supported on ventilation until the virus goes away. The child is being treated with a high-frequency oscillator, prone positioning, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, inhaled nitric acid. The treatment is costing a lot and the family is in desperate need of funds to continue the treatment and save her life. They are waiting for a miracle to happen. 

Team Ashvattha came across this request and reached out to Teja’s family members. With the help of kind donors from Ashvattha, we were able to donate a check of Rs 35,000 for the child’s treatment. We followed up later with the family and are happy to hear that the baby is recovering. The virus has been flushed out and the baby was moved to low ventilator support. Once the baby is in stable condition, the doctors can start the treatment. So, Miracles do happen!However, the family needs more financial support for the treatment of the baby. Please donate through Ashvattha or you can reach out to the baby’s father directly.

Name: M.Hari Kishore
Contact: +91 9866917327

Thank you donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for being a miracle for the baby. We all hope and wish the baby girl recovers soon to live a happy and healthy life. 
AshvatthaMarch 2019 Update
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February 2019 Update 2

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~Albert Einstein
Sai Kumar, an athlete from Warangal, who won medals at state and national level, is now bed ridden after an unfortunate incident. Sai completed his intermediate and is getting trained as an athlete at Shadnagar Army Institute. He works as a part-time caterer to earn for his living. At one such catering event, someone mixed acid in his soda and he drank it unknowingly. He was admitted in the hospital immediately but the doctors said his oesophagus (the tube in the body that takes food from the mouth to the stomach) was completely damaged by then. Also, due to his low body weight doctors think it is not a good idea to perform the surgery. He is now bed ridden and can’t move. His parents have to stay with him all time to take care of him. For now, liquid food is being sent through a pipe into his stomach while he is undergoing the treatment. One of our volunteers from Warangal contacted Ashavattha for help. Team Ashvattha contacted his family and donated a cheque of Rs.20,000 for his treatment. 

It is really distressing to see a athlete laying down helplessly. Who ever did this most unethical and immoral act might have succeeded in damaging his body, but not his spirit. We hope Sai gains the strength to RUN against all the odds of life to become a WINNER. 

Thank you Volunteers and Donors of Ashvattha for helping Sai. Let’s hope he recovers soon!
AshvatthaFebruary 2019 Update 2
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February 2019 Update

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The quote is about not giving up under any circumstances. If all seems lost, and you are at the end of your rope, just hold on, and help yourself by adding a knot at the end. Many things in life take effort. If everything was easy, nothing would have much value. 

Here is the story of another strong soul fighting cancer. Challa Varma, a young man, has been suffering from Adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer). He works as a mechanic at RTC, on contract basis, with a salary of Rs.5000 per month. He is married and have a 3 year old child. It’s unfortunate that he has to suffer through this process at a very young age. As the cancer is in advanced state, he had to undergo a surgery at Continental Hospitals in October 2018. He also went through 3 sessions of chemotherapy at Vivekananda Hospital, Begumpet. Unfortunately Varma’s family ran out of funds for further chemotherapy sessions. Their family requested Ashvattha for help through a volunteer. We reached out to Varma, met him at the hospital and donated a cheque of Rs.30,000. 

Thank you Volunteers and Donors of Ashavttha for making a difference in Varma’s life. Let’s wish he gains all the strength needed to fight cancer and hope he recovers soon!
AshvatthaFebruary 2019 Update
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January 2019 Update

It hurts to see your loved one in pain, but it hurts more to see you cannot do anything about this pain.”  ~ Unknown

This statement cannot be more true when it comes to the parents seeing their child in pain. This is a baby boy, hardly 2 months old, suffering from pneumonia with 3 holes in the heart. He has to undergo a surgery and a long treatment to recover. His parents spent all they have on the initial treatment and lost hopes on getting the surgery done as they have no funds. They reached out to several non-profit organizations for help. They also contacted Ashvattha through a volunteer. 

Our volunteers visited the boy’s family at Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad. It is heartbreaking to see such a small baby going through so much of pain. We can see the state of the baby disheartened both the parents. No words can heal their pain. All we could do is console them and give them a little hope. A cheque of Rs.20,000 has been donated from Team Ashvattha to help the child recover. 

We hope the baby recovers soon, forgets all these pain and enjoys a beautiful and happy childhood. Thank you Donors and Volunteers for helping this baby!
AshvatthaJanuary 2019 Update
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Happy 6th Anniversary

Yes, it’s time to celebrate 6 years of an amazing journey of Ashvattha Charity Group. We take this opportunity to thank all our donors and volunteers who were behind this huge success. It is your contributions and efforts that help us move forward in the right direction. Your loyalty and commitment to Ashvattha inspires and motivates us to do much more every year. This past year also was a very successful one where we all together made a huge change in several lives. We really THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. 

Every year we plan to do something special for the Anniversary to make it a memorable event. This year the team came with a very unique idea, of doing a 5k run with our friends in the United States of America. Few of our volunteers and donors of Ashvattha got together and planned a 5k run in Austin, USA. We are very happy to share this with you as it is our first ever event organized outside of India. This has been a really fun activity with families and kids. It also served as an opportunity to share about Ashavattha to many people during the run. The funds raised in this event where donated back to Ashvattha, an amount of Rs.20,000. We thank the team for coming up with this great idea and making it a hug success. We promise you to make good use of that generous donation. With pride and happiness, we share some pictures with you.

Once again, a very happy Anniversary to Team Ashvattha donors and volunteers. 
AshvatthaHappy 6th Anniversary
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Ashvattha Blanket Drive

Team Ashvattha planned a #AshvatthaBlanketDrive to curb cold and warm hearts this winter. Our motto “No one should go cold this winter”. Hundreds of people die of shivery cold every winter due to lack of proper shelter and clothes to protect themselves. We may not be able to put a better roof on their heads, but we could at least donate a blanket to cover themselves. With this thought, all the volunteers and donors of Ashvattha have been challenged to donate blankets to the people in need. We are extremely happy by the response we got from our donors, volunteers, friends and family. Several people came forward and accepted the challenge. Blankets were donated to people on the streets/footpaths across the country. Thank you donors for making this event a huge success and also sharing some pictures with us. It felt very satisfied to see them warm in those blankets you donated. We are sure it added a purpose to your lives too.  

#TeamAshavttha sincerely thanks all of the donors for coming forward and accepting the challenge. We hope, all of those people you helped slept warm in this biting cold winter. Their happiness will surely be a blessing to you and your families.

AshvatthaAshvattha Blanket Drive
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December 2018 Update

You may or may not realize, but you play an important role in your family.

“Please drive safely, your family is waiting for you!”
“SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS”. As a responsible citizen it is important for everyone of us to understand traffic rules and regulations. Though you are following all the rules and driving safe, it is always good to be cautious and attentive while driving, as you cannot control the drivers around you. You may or may not realize, but you play an important role in your family. Please drive safe, your loved ones are waiting for you at your home. 

Pavan, 23 years old,  a young boy from Warangal met with a big accident and was admitted in Yashoda Hospitals with a serious head injury. He is currently diagnosed as a case of RTA with Traumatic Brain Injury and SDH with Multiple Facial Fractures. He underwent a neuron and plastic surgery and is still being treated in ICU with high antibiotics, piped oxygen support along with other essential treatment. The treatment was estimated to around Rs.80 Lakhs which was very huge for their family. Pavan’s father works at a grocery store and is not in a state to afford this big amount. 

We came to know about this situation from one of our volunteers and contacted his parents at Yashoda hospital. After getting the details, Team Ashvattha donated Rs.35,000 for the hospital expenses. We hope their family gains the strength to recover from this problem. 

We thank all the donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for coming forward and helping Pavan!
AshvatthaDecember 2018 Update
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November 2018 Update

“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” ~ Vicki Harrison

Team Ashvattha has been helping one of the twin babies, with heart and lungs problem, who was undergoing treatment in Rainbow Hospital. PDA ligation surgery was done and she was showing some improvement. She moved out from ventilation and taking breathe from C-PAAP after 10 days of surgery. The doctors were hopeful that the baby will recover and she was kept in NICU for 3-4 weeks for the complete lung development.

As the baby was responding well to treatment we tried our best to help the family save this child. Team Ashvattha donated an amount of Rs.40,000 initially and later an amount of Rs.50,000. Team Ashvattha prays and hope God gives them the strength to get over this situation.

AshvatthaNovember 2018 Update
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October 2018 Update 2

“One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is to have a happy childhood.” ~ Agatha Christie

Childhood is one phase of life where the poverty or misery of the family doesn’t necessarily stop the child from playing games, having fun with friends and building memories. It is unfortunate that some children do not even get the opportunity to build such happy childhood due to their health conditions. It is really painful for the parents and the family to see their child on the hospital bed, at the age where he is supposed to be walking his first steps, uttering his first words and playing with toys. It not only destroys the memories of the parents but also a beautiful childhood for the kid.

Master Sriram Karthikeya, 7 months old boy presented with history of poor weight gain since birth. He was admitted in Rainbow Children’s Hospital & BirthRight by Rainbow, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. He was diagnosed with Failure to thrive and cow milk protein allergy. In view of persistent weight loss despite on elemental formula feeds he was started on TPN after placing PICC line. After being in hospital for more than a month and having spent nearly 7 Lakhs for the treatment, his condition has not improved. As the hospital bill is exponentially increasing, doctors have advised to treat him at home. Home treatment is still costing about Rs.3500/- per day and the tenure of the treatment remain indefinite as of today. Their family approached Team Ashvattha for help to continue with the treatment. Volunteers from Ashvattha visited the family to understand the condition of the baby and donated an amount of Rs.40,000/- for the treatment. We hope the baby recovers soon and enjoys his childhood.

Appreciate all the donors and volunteers of Ashvattha who were able to help this little baby grow. Every life matters!

AshvatthaOctober 2018 Update 2
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October 2018 Update 1

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

It gives a lot of strength just knowing that there is family and friends around to help support in the tough times. And, it gives even greater strength and respect on mankind when you know that people unrelated to you also come forward to show their support. After all, we belong to one kind – The Mankind. The world is a better place because of all the people who believe in that oneness. We are proud to have many such people at Ashvattha!

One of the volunteers from Ashvattha needed help for their family member Pranay Kumar, 35 years old, who was fighting with lungs, liver and kidney infection. Pranay was diagnosed with Acute Hepatitis-A, multi-organ dysfunction, acute liver failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute kidney injury. He was admitted in Apollo Hospital, had to go through a lot of tests and was on dialysis. His family and friends were able to help Pranay with some financial support, but they need more help to pay the hospital bills. Ashvattha stepped forward to show support and donated a check of Rs.20,000. We hope Pranay recovers soon.

Thank you, donors and volunteers for all your support.

AshvatthaOctober 2018 Update 1
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