September 2019 Update

“You were born with the ability to change someones’ life. Don’t ever waste it!”
Everyone of us are born with the ability to change our lives and lives of the people around us. We have the power to choose right over wrong, good over evil and happiness over sadness. We can make the world a better place for us and everyone around us by making the right decisions and choosing the right path. It is just a matter of recognizing that ability and coming forward to make a change in someones’ life. Ashvattha is just an effort in that right direction and thank you all, for staying with us on that path to helping others.

Through one of the volunteers, Team Ashvattha received a request to help Twin babies, a boy and a girl born on August 30th, 2019, suffering from respiratory problems. The babies are on ventilators right from their birth suffering from blood infection and low number of platelets. Though platelets were being injected to body, their count is falling in time intervals. The baby boy’s right had got paralyzed and is in critical condition. The babies were on SIMV mode of ventilation with Fio2 of 65%, on IV Antibiotics and IVF (PPN) as the  feeding was not started. 

Team Ashvattha visited the parents and twin babies in Nice Hospital, Hyderabad, to enquire the details and the current status. As the family is in desperate need of financial help, Team Ashvattha donated a check of Rs.40,000/- to help with treatment for the babies. We are following up with the parents to check the condition of the babies and it’s very disheartening to know that the baby girl passed away. We pay our deepest condolences to the family. While the treatment is still going on, we pray for the baby boy to recover soon. Thank you for all the donors and volunteers who came forward to make a change! 
AshvatthaSeptember 2019 Update
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August 2019 Update 2

“Human Spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it” ~ C.C. Scoot
Cancer is a disease which effects not just a single person, but his/her whole family. It is emotionally and physically exhausting to go through the recovery process.  Undergoing the Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy is the most painful process with takes all the life energies and weakens the spirit. 

Ram Reddy, at the age of 70, unfortunately has to go through this painful process. He was diagnosed with Lung cancer and was undergoing treatment in Yasoda hospital treatment. The family already spent 13 Lakhs on the initial treatment and needed 8 more Lakhs for the radiation therapy going forward. They exhausted all the resources that have and are looking for some help from the donors. We came to know about Ram Reddy from one of our Ashvattha Volunteers and contacted the family. Team Ashvattha volunteers reached out to them at KIMS hospital and donated a check of Rs.15,000/ for the therapy sessions.

We believe his spirit is more stronger than his Cancer. We wish and pray for Ram Reddy’s speedy recovery. Thank you Volunteers and Donors of Team Ashvattha for coming forward and helping him.
AshvatthaAugust 2019 Update 2
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August 2019 Update

“Life is a constant battle. Never forget what you are fighting for!”
At some or other point, in our life, we must have heard or realized the fact that Life is a struggle from birth to death. Though it sounds alright to hear the term “from birth”, it is unimaginable to see a new born baby struggling for life. It is really hard hitting to see a 3 day old baby having trouble to breath. It melted away our hearts to hear about one such baby.  
A 3 days old baby boy, son of Dhoop Singh and Geetha, is fighting with Congenital Heart disease. He was diagnosed with d-Transposition great Arteries with small Atrial Septal defect and Small Patent Ductus Arteriosus. He was not able to breath properly and was in ICU from birth. We cannot even imagine the pain he is having and the pain of the parents seeing their new born in that state. He was undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital and surgery was his only chance of survival. He needed Arterial Switch Operation which costs about 3.5 lakhs. The parents are fortunate to get that amount covered by Arogyashree. The family comes from a very poor background and they cannot even pay for the pre/post surgery expenses. One of our volunteers who knew them contacted Ashvattha for help. We were able to donate a check of Rs.25,000/ for the post-surgery expenses. We wish the baby a speedy recovery and a healthy childhood. 
Thank you all the volunteers and donors of Team Ashvattha for helping us in fighting this battle to save lives. Without your support, it wouldn’t have been possible to help this life and many more. 
AshvatthaAugust 2019 Update
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July 2019 Update

“Seat belts save lives”
On behalf of Ashvattha we request all of you use seat belts, wear helmets and follow traffic rules while driving. We all may have our won reasons, sometimes very valid ones, for breaking the rules. But, please remember none of those reasons are valid before your life. Please understand that nothing is more important than reaching our destinations safely. Here is an example where seat belts saved the lives of an elderly couple.

Samabaiah and his wife Padmavathi were on their way to Kareemnagar when they lost control of the car and hit a tree. They met with a terrible accident with major injuries. It was a big accident but seat beats saved their lives. They were admitted at KIMS hospital for treatment.  Samabaiah, 56 years old, was diagnosed with RTA polytrauma with Aortic Transection and Disction. He needed emergency thoracic arotic stenting. Padmavathi also broke her arm and is also undergoing treatment at the same hospital. The cost of surgery and treatment was estimated to be 10 lakhs and the couple were not in a state to bear that expenses. One of our regular donors knew them requested Ashvattha for help. Team Ashvattha met them and donated an amount of Rs.30,000/- 

We hope and wish the couple recovers soon. Thank you all for your help in making this possible. We once again request you all to be careful while on road.
AshvatthaJuly 2019 Update
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June 2019 Update

“Nobody on earth can love you more than your parents”
Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving. Parents go to great lengths to save, protect and give a healthy and happy life to their children. Specially, the pain parents go through when their children are suffering but they cannot do anything to make it better, is unimaginable. No words can bring peace to their hearts. All we can do is stay with them and support as much as we could.

Team Ashvattha received a request for help from Santosh and Sirisha who gave birth to premature triplets, one girl and two boys, at Fernandez Hospitals, Hyderguda. The babies are extremely premature at 27 weeks with very low birth weights ((940, 860 and 890 grams). They are in Intensive Care Unit, right from birth, placed under ventilation support. They are facing extreme complexities with lung, blood and digestive system infections and undergoing treatment at NICU. Doctors estimated the recovery cost for each baby would be 8 to 10 lakhs, which is about 30 lakhs for all the 3 babies. Santosh works for a private firm and is not in a position to afford such high amounts. He was able to gather/borrow up to 8 lakhs from his friends and family and is looking for more help. He reached out to Ashvattha and volunteers from Ashvattha visited them at the hospital to know the details. We feel really sorry for the young couple who had to go through this much pain to save their children. A check of Rs.40,000/ was donated from Ashvattha. 

We hope the babies gain weight, recover soon and go home with their parents healthy and happy. Thank you all the donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for understanding the pain of these parents and coming forward to help them. Santosh thanked all of you for your big hearts.
AshvatthaJune 2019 Update
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May 2019 Update

“I am bent, but not broken”

Meenakshi Chitrode is a 35 year old woman from Indore. She has been fighting Scoliosis, a pre-mature birth defect, where her spine is not straight from her birth.  Though she has been fighting with this disability for a long long time, the smile on her face is still blooming. She is a strong confident independent woman. She may be bent, but her spirit is not broken. 

Now, as the bend is increasing, causing a lot of discomfort and pain, she had to undergo major surgeries. She was also diagnosed with Kyphoscoliosis with Split Cord syndrome and Diastematomyelia. She needed one surgery to de-tether the spinal cord and vertebrectomy and another one to correct the deformity. She is undergoing the treatment at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Mathikere, Bangalore. The first surgery was done on May 13th and the other one is scheduled in a couple of weeks. The surgery already costly about 10 Lakhs and she needs help with the post surgery expenses for physiotherapist and other recovery options which would cost about 2 Lakhs. She contacted Team Ashvattha for help and our volunteers contacted her to get all these details. A check of Rs. 35,000 was donated to help with her surgery and post recovery.

Team Ashvattha hopes that the second surgery goes well and wishes her a speedy recovery. Thank you all for coming forward to help Meenakshi. Hope she recovers soon to live a healthy life.

AshvatthaMay 2019 Update
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April 2019 Update

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible “ ~Christopher Reeve
There may be thousand reasons why something will not work, but there will always be one reason to make it work. Just believe in that reason and don’t loose hope. Hope is the only thing that pushes you to dig deeper, find alternatives and never give up. It makes anything possible. 

We recently came across a young woman who is fighting the Cancer monster with a great hope on life. She has been suffering with Breast Cancer for quite some time now and undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Though it is taking all her life energies to fight it, she never gave up. At a very young age, she is facing her problems very bravely and her family is supporting her. As the treatment should continue for a long time, they estimated the cost would be around Rs.15 Lakhs. Coming from a middle class family, she is not able to afford such high costs and requested Ashvattha to help. We may not be able to share her pain but we surely can raise her hope on humanity by doing the help we can. After talking to her personally and getting all the details, Team Ashavttha donated an amount of Rs.40,000 for her chemotherapy. She and her family felt very happy about the donation and conveyed their heartfelt thanks to the Team and all the donors of Ashvattha. 

Due to some personal reasons, she requested her information to be kept confidential. To respect her privacy, we are not sharing her details and photos. Hope you understand. Thank you all for coming forward to help her fight this battle against cancer. Hope she recovers soon!
AshvatthaApril 2019 Update
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March 2019 Update

“Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts ” ~Unknown
Though science has advanced to a great extent over the years and found great solutions to complex problems, there is always a new challenge every day. The field of medicine is no exception to this. We all believe in the doctors and the science they have learned, to help us live and extend our life for a little bit more. Unfortunately, LIFE doesn’t come that easy. It challenges every belief you have and at times even those learned doctors would hope for a miracle to save a LIFE. Such miracles always and only happen due to common people with kind hearts. Here is the story of one such life hoping for a miracle. 

Nuthana Teja, a one-year-old beautiful baby, is suffering from ADENOVIRUS with refractory hypoxemia. This virus has no medicine to cure and she is put on ventilation for the past few days. The little girl is undergoing treatment at Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. As there is no medicine, she need to be supported on ventilation until the virus goes away. The child is being treated with a high-frequency oscillator, prone positioning, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, inhaled nitric acid. The treatment is costing a lot and the family is in desperate need of funds to continue the treatment and save her life. They are waiting for a miracle to happen. 

Team Ashvattha came across this request and reached out to Teja’s family members. With the help of kind donors from Ashvattha, we were able to donate a check of Rs 35,000 for the child’s treatment. We followed up later with the family and are happy to hear that the baby is recovering. The virus has been flushed out and the baby was moved to low ventilator support. Once the baby is in stable condition, the doctors can start the treatment. So, Miracles do happen!However, the family needs more financial support for the treatment of the baby. Please donate through Ashvattha or you can reach out to the baby’s father directly.

Name: M.Hari Kishore
Contact: +91 9866917327

Thank you donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for being a miracle for the baby. We all hope and wish the baby girl recovers soon to live a happy and healthy life. 
AshvatthaMarch 2019 Update
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February 2019 Update 2

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~Albert Einstein
Sai Kumar, an athlete from Warangal, who won medals at state and national level, is now bed ridden after an unfortunate incident. Sai completed his intermediate and is getting trained as an athlete at Shadnagar Army Institute. He works as a part-time caterer to earn for his living. At one such catering event, someone mixed acid in his soda and he drank it unknowingly. He was admitted in the hospital immediately but the doctors said his oesophagus (the tube in the body that takes food from the mouth to the stomach) was completely damaged by then. Also, due to his low body weight doctors think it is not a good idea to perform the surgery. He is now bed ridden and can’t move. His parents have to stay with him all time to take care of him. For now, liquid food is being sent through a pipe into his stomach while he is undergoing the treatment. One of our volunteers from Warangal contacted Ashavattha for help. Team Ashvattha contacted his family and donated a cheque of Rs.20,000 for his treatment. 

It is really distressing to see a athlete laying down helplessly. Who ever did this most unethical and immoral act might have succeeded in damaging his body, but not his spirit. We hope Sai gains the strength to RUN against all the odds of life to become a WINNER. 

Thank you Volunteers and Donors of Ashvattha for helping Sai. Let’s hope he recovers soon!
AshvatthaFebruary 2019 Update 2
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February 2019 Update

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The quote is about not giving up under any circumstances. If all seems lost, and you are at the end of your rope, just hold on, and help yourself by adding a knot at the end. Many things in life take effort. If everything was easy, nothing would have much value. 

Here is the story of another strong soul fighting cancer. Challa Varma, a young man, has been suffering from Adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer). He works as a mechanic at RTC, on contract basis, with a salary of Rs.5000 per month. He is married and have a 3 year old child. It’s unfortunate that he has to suffer through this process at a very young age. As the cancer is in advanced state, he had to undergo a surgery at Continental Hospitals in October 2018. He also went through 3 sessions of chemotherapy at Vivekananda Hospital, Begumpet. Unfortunately Varma’s family ran out of funds for further chemotherapy sessions. Their family requested Ashvattha for help through a volunteer. We reached out to Varma, met him at the hospital and donated a cheque of Rs.30,000. 

Thank you Volunteers and Donors of Ashavttha for making a difference in Varma’s life. Let’s wish he gains all the strength needed to fight cancer and hope he recovers soon!
AshvatthaFebruary 2019 Update
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