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January 2020 Update 1

“Keep putting one foot in front of the other. That’s all you need to do right now”
And that is how one can fight Cancer, the monstrous disease which frightens and weakens us. We just need to keep fighting with it each and every day and never give up to become a survivor. Team Ashvattha, supports the fighters and admires the survivors of Cancer. We are trying to be there for them and help them not give up their hope.

Here is another story of a woman suffering from Breast Cancer. Shashikala, 40 years-old, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was admitted to KIMS. The diagnosis indicated a lobulated solid lesion outer quadrant of the right breast. As we are all aware that treating any form of cancer costs a huge deal. Also, it is exhausting both physically and emotionally. Team Ashvattha reached out to Shashikala’s brother Nagababu and handed over a check of Rs.30,000 for the chemotherapy and the treatment.

We hope and pray Shashikala gains the strength to fight this monstrous disease. Thank you donors and volunteers for your help!
AshvatthaJanuary 2020 Update 1