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Happy 7th Anniversary

“Thank you for being a part of Ashvattha! Happy 7th Anniversary”
Achievements of any organization are the results of the combined effort of each and every individual who works for it. Ashvattha is now 7 years old and it definitely is your effort that kept us going all these years. We are proud to say that the YOU – the members, donors and volunteers of Ashvattha are the reason for all the achievements we had in these 7 years. All the donations we made to help with education, health and well-being of the underprivileged, are possible only because of you. We hope and wish the happiness that we added in these people’s lives reflects back into your lives. Team Ashvattha sincerely thanks all of you for travelling with us and helping us move forward in this amazing journey. We look forward to doing much more in the coming years and we hope your support will remain with us. 
A very happy Anniversary to Team Ashvattha! Thank you all members, donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for making a difference in the world!
AshvatthaHappy 7th Anniversary
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January 2020 Update

“Helping others, without expecting anything in return is what true self-worth is about” ~ Gaving Bird

This is the story of another young kid who is a victim of cancer. Nithin is a 13 year old, from Lakkampally, Nadhipet Mandal. He is the only son of Gangasailu and Godavari who comes from a very poor background. One day he suddenly had a sever fever and was admitted to a nearby hospital immediately. After many tests he was diagnosed with blood cancer and the cost of treatment was estimated to 20 Lakhs. 

As the family is not in a state to pay for such high expenses and they had to reach out to many non-profit organizations outside to help them. Ashvattha also came to know about this from one the volunteers and our team members visited the family at Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Hyderabad. We talked to Godavari, Nithin’s mother, who is taking care of her son staying in hospital for about 6 months now. She is very grateful for all the people coming forward to help her son. The doctors are performing chemotherapy but it is a long process which takes a lot of patience, energy and cost. Specially, it was very difficult as Nithin was having some digestion problems and he couldn’t eat enough to withstand the process of chemotherapy. It was very disheartening to see Nithin lay on bed helpless, at this very young age. We feel really sorry for Nithin and his family who has to go through these tiring process. From Ashvattha, we donated a check of Rs.25,000. We sincerely pray and hope that Nithin recovers soon to continue his schooling and education. 

A big Thank you for all the Donors and Volunteers for coming forward to help Nithin!
AshvatthaJanuary 2020 Update
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July 2017 Update

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won” – Winston Churchill

In today’s world there are very few people who chase after their dreams to reach their goals. They find their way out of all the obstacles and prove that if one has the will power to do it, other things will just fall in place. Team Ashvattha came across one such girl who is striving to complete her education irrespective of her financial and social status.

Archana comes from a poor family living in Endapalli Village, Kareemnagar Disctrict. Her father works as a daily labour and mother is a homemaker. She completed her SSC from ZPHS, a government highschool in Endapally. With her marks in SSC she got a free seat for Intermediate in a private college and scored 97.3 percentage, which is quite extraordinary. Though she is very much interested in pursuing further education, her parents got her married as they cannot afford to pay for her higher education. Her husband is also in a similar financial state but they are all willing to let her pursue her dreams if she receives some financial support. With help of a volunteer Archana approached Team Ashvattha and requested for help. Our volunteers gathered more information talking to her and her family. She looks very committed to her goal and she is very dedicated. Ashvattha is always willing to help such people and we strongly believe in better education for a better tomorrow. Ashvattha volunteers visited her place and donated a check of Rs.30,000 to help her with tuition fee for one year. We are very happy to be able to contribute to her education and we wish her all the best. There is a lot to learn from Archana in terms of determination and strength to fight against all odds. Thank you Archana for inspiring us!

Team Ashvattha would like to thank all its volunteers and donors for making this possible.

AshvatthaJuly 2017 Update
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June 2017 Update

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize…they were the big things!”

Do you remember the story “The new blue dress” from 8th standard in school? If you like to read it once more.. please checkout the story here: The New Blue Dress

It is short story were the teacher gifts a new blue dress to one of her poor students, and the happy face of the little girl in that dress changes the thinking of her family and all other families that live in her street. It is surprising how the smallest of the acts makes a huge difference. We never can predict how the little things we do for others change their lives forever.

As we keep grow old, we might stop appreciating little things in life, but seeing kids enjoy those moments definitely reminds us of our childhood. The smile on a child’s face wearing a new dress and showing it off to their friends and family… is priceless! Team Ashvattha decided to create that moment for all the children of Aaradya foundation. We decided to sponsor for new school uniforms to them which would make them happy and also be useful to them. Ashvattha volunteers visited the orphanage, talked to the kids and got a count of the uniforms they need. There are a total of 33 kids and each of them needed 2 sets of uniforms. Based on that we got estimates and donated a check of Rs.19,000 to the orphanage.

We are happy to see the kids wearing those uniforms and all ready for their schools. We are sure, this brings a smile on the face of every donor and member of Ashvattha. Thank you for making this happen!

AshvatthaJune 2017 Update
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May 2017 Update

“Never get tired of doing little things for others.
Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts!”

Let’s start with a short story this time….

One day, a father was teaching his son about God and he started telling how God loves us all and he treats us all equally. The kid was young enough to understand the suffering in the world and was not ready to accept the fact that God treats all human beings equally. He has seen people who are begging for food, sleeping on the foot paths and not even having good clothes to cover their body. With that pain and anger in his heart, he questioned his father on how this is considered to be equality when so many people are suffering in the world. His father was surprised by the anger on his son’s face but he also understood where those questions were coming from. He smiled at the kid and replied “It is good that you have compassion for people around you and you feel sorry for them. It will help you grow as a good human being. But, you also need to understand that they are not as unhappy as you think they are. A beggar is able to satisfy his hunger with whatever he earns for every meal, a person sleeping on the footpath is resting and dreaming as you do, a person wearing torn clothes is not as much concerned about his dress as you think. God might not have given equal money and luxury for all mankind, but He gave equal opportunists for every one to feel the happiness, share love and enjoy life. Once you start replacing your sympathy with love and respect, you will see the real strength of people and how happy they are. The world is more beautiful than you think it is.

This story reminds us to change our perception and see things in a more positive way. Like the man said, every small thing we are doing for the people around us should come out of love and respect. That is how we can build a strong and positive future for a better tomorrow. The day we are able to respect the strength of the disabled person, love an orphaned kid and be there for a person in need… will be the day we grow as human beings. In Ashvattha, our goal as a team has always been to move in that direction.

This month, as the schools started, Ashvattha team decided to help some kids with basic needs for schooling. We chose an orphanage with 33 kids in Medchal, Hyderabad: Caring Community for Children (Aaradya foundation).These children are   studying in various grades, starting from UKG to 10th standard. We took a list from the orphanage on what these kids need for one year of their schooling and as per the list we distributed stationary (pens, pencils, sharpers, erasers, scales, geometry boxes, pencil boxes), note books, school bags, lunch baskets, water bottles, a pair of black shoes and a pair of white shoes along with two pairs of socks. All these items amounted to a total of Rs.28,000A special ‘thank you’ to the team who put so much time and effort in purchasing all these items on a very short notice. This wouldn’t have been possible possible without your help!

It was an amazing feeling… talking to those kids, playing with them and getting to know them. It definitely took us back to our school days where the world was plain and simple and we just have to listen to classes, do our homework and play. For a moment, the kids made us forget all the complexities of the grown up world. We gave them just the basic things they need, but we believe we have learned even more important things from them. To love unconditionally, to live in today, to believe in tomorrow and to hope for a better future… their innocent and happy faces reminded us to appreciate and enjoy life even more. It is unbelievable how this equation works!

Thank you kids for reminding us the magic of a smile. And, thank you volunteers and donors for bringing smile on the faces of these kids.

We are happy to share that multiple newspapers have covered this news on Jun 18th in their district editions.

AshvatthaMay 2017 Update
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April 2017 Update

“Never be afraid to help others in their time of need.
You never know when you may need that shoulder to lean on!”

There are some words which mean the same in any sentence but their value keeps changing with context. HELP is one such word. Based on the context and situation some times just an smile or a gentle word can be of great help and make a huge difference. That is the kind of difference that the society needs to grow and move forward in a positive direction. As a team we believe in this and always strive to make that difference.

We recently came across a case where a single woman as a wife is struggling hard to save her paralyzed husband and also support her family. We may not be able to solve all of her problems but we wanted to stand by her and support her. After all, that is a HELP which improves her trust on the society, gain some strength and also helps us smile with satisfaction.

Mr.Nageshwar Rao was a carpenter who worked as a Daily labor until he was paralyzed and bedridden a couple of years back. His wife is working as a maid to earn their living and also support her spouse. He is currently undergoing treatment at Mamta Hospital in Khammam. As per the doctors his kidneys and heart might be infected and he is in critical condition. Ashvattha volunteers visited him at his residence and after talking to the couple Ashvattha donated Rs.15,000 for Nageshwar Rao’s treatment.

Thank you donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for making this possible!

AshvatthaApril 2017 Update
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March 2017 Update

We have all heard of the saying “Self help is the best help!”. Yes, it is true. We need to be willing to help others to prove worthy of others help. The quoted lines below are the best way to put it.
“Go on your journey, be willing to work on yourself, be willing to learn, to study, to work and if you need help on the way, if you will ask for guidance, you will definitely receive it. It takes time, it takes work, it takes patience but in the end it is all worth it”

‘Ashvattha’ is always willing to be part of that universe to help such people. We will go any far to give a little push or at the least clear little hurdles for the people who are willing to working hard to reach their destinations.

‘Ashvattha’ was approached with request to help Kalpana, a 16 year old girl, who is suffering from Tonsillitis for the past 3 years. She comes from a poor family, her father passed away when she was 9 and her mother works as a maid to support the family. This young lady is doing her Intermediate now and tutors the kids during her free time. We are more than happy to help brave souls like this, who are worthy of every penny we donate. ‘Ashvattha’ volunteers visited her in Bengaluru, to know more about Kalpana and her family. On enquiring, we came to know that doctors suggested a surgery which would relieve her of this pain. Team ‘Ashvattha’ donated Rs.35,000 for her operation and we are glad to hear that the operation was successful. Kalpana is recovering now and we wish her all the best for her future.

A special Thank you to all the donors who made this possible!

AshvatthaMarch 2017 Update
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February 2017 Update

We are all fond of happy endings to any stories. It is not just in stories, we also hope for a peaceful and fulfilled ending to our life’s journey. If old age is the end of one life’s journey, one should be able to sit, relax and revisit all the memories of their life and share the greatest experiences with their next generations. It is unfortunate that not every one is lucky enough to have such a life due to various factors like health and financial reasons.

Recently, we came across one such story where Madhavi, a 75 year old women, from Raigiri Village (near Yadadri Bonagiri) is going through tough times at that age. She comes from a poor family, with one blind eye and one eye with 50% visibility. To add this is miserable situation, she fell down on her way to washroom and broken her left hand shoulder. Doctors initially planned for a surgery, but considering her age and blood pressure they backed off on the surgery. She is taking temporary treatment where a local doctor cleans up her shoulder and puts a new bandage around her shoulder twice a week. Unfortunately, she cannot afford this treatment as well. One of our well wishers brought this up to Ashvattha’s notice and requested to help her. Team Ashvattha responded immediately and visited her place and donated a check of Rs.10,000 for her weekly treatments.

Hope she will get better soon and gain her strength to do her daily activities. As always, we are blessed to have great donors and volunteers who help Ashvattha to do more for the society. Thank you and God bless you!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or via email.


AshvatthaFebruary 2017 Update
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Our 4th Anniversary

Anniversary – A moment to recollect an year’s worth of effort, contributions and more than anything the memories that made us happy, that taught us life, gratitude and satisfaction. This is how we define our Ashvattha’s anniversary. It also is the start of a new year with lots of motivation to reach out to the world and spread more joy.

Jan 26th – This is the day we started Ashvattha and it is hard to believe 4 years passed by. Every year, we try to come up with new plans to make this day more memorable. But sometimes, it is the simplest things that makes us more happy than the more complicated ideas. Everyone of us for sure can relate to some simple moments, like playing a game and winning a prize, dancing and singing like no one is watching, having a special lunch with friends, laughing out loud and just living in that moment. It is those moments that bring a smile even after years passed by. We took this occasion to re-live those moments with some kids from an Orphanage.

Our volunteers organized an event at Mahima Ministries Home, with 130 kids, to celebrate Ashvattha’s 4th anniversary. We conducted games like Kabadi, KoKo, Carroms, Chess, Musical Chairs, Skipping and so on., which are a combination of fun and talent to the kids. The kids also did singing and dancing to make the event more and more colorful. We had a competition for all these among the kids, makes it more challenging and driving their minds towards a winning spirit. These fun events were followed by a special lunch sponsored by Ashvattha.

As someone said, A picture is worth a thousand words! So, here are some for you, who made this event possible, who is behind the smiles of these kids, who contributed to making this event and every event in Ashvattha a success. Thank you all. As always, a special Thank you for our volunteers, who put their valuable time into this.


AshvatthaOur 4th Anniversary
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December 2016 Update

Ashvattha was approached by one of our member’s friend Mr. T. Srinivas who is a teacher in Dharmapuri village, Jagatiyal District of Telangana. His 3rd Grade student Master. Syed Irfan of age 9 was suffering from Urethral Stricture, it is an abnormal narrowing of the tube that carries urine out of the body from the bladder. Team Ashvattha connected with Irfan’s Family to get all the details, He stopped urinating for a week, His father Mr. Yonus visited to local hospital in Karimnagar where they referred him to Care Hospitals, Hyderabad. Doctors at Care advised him to visit Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU), Hyderabad as treatment at Care is very expensive (for total treatment approx. cost – 8 lakhs rupees was estimated), Dr.Mallikarjun from AINU conducted a surgery for Irfan and they have attached him with a tube to pass urine, The Surgery was Successful and Irfan will undergo a last minor surgery to get back to normal which will clear the tissues formed in the tube which is scheduled for next week in Raja Rajeshwara Hospital, were we Consulted Dr.S.V.Rama Chandra Murthy. The surgery is estimated for approximately ₹ 90,000/-. Ashvattha has donated ₹ 35,000/- (thirty-five thousand rupees -) to Irfan’s father Mr. Yonus for Irfan’s treatment.


AshvatthaDecember 2016 Update
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