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February 2019 Update 2

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~Albert Einstein
Sai Kumar, an athlete from Warangal, who won medals at state and national level, is now bed ridden after an unfortunate incident. Sai completed his intermediate and is getting trained as an athlete at Shadnagar Army Institute. He works as a part-time caterer to earn for his living. At one such catering event, someone mixed acid in his soda and he drank it unknowingly. He was admitted in the hospital immediately but the doctors said his oesophagus (the tube in the body that takes food from the mouth to the stomach) was completely damaged by then. Also, due to his low body weight doctors think it is not a good idea to perform the surgery. He is now bed ridden and can’t move. His parents have to stay with him all time to take care of him. For now, liquid food is being sent through a pipe into his stomach while he is undergoing the treatment. One of our volunteers from Warangal contacted Ashavattha for help. Team Ashvattha contacted his family and donated a cheque of Rs.20,000 for his treatment. 
It is really distressing to see a athlete laying down helplessly. Who ever did this most unethical and immoral act might have succeeded in damaging his body, but not his spirit. We hope Sai gains the strength to RUN against all the odds of life to become a WINNER. 
Thank you Volunteers and Donors of Ashavttha for helping Sai. Let’s hope he recovers soon!
AshvatthaFebruary 2019 Update 2