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March 2019 Update

“Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts ” ~Unknown
Though science has advanced to a great extent over the years and found great solutions to complex problems, there is always a new challenge every day. The field of medicine is no exception to this. We all believe in the doctors and the science they have learned, to help us live and extent our life for a little bit more. Unfortunately, LIFE doesn’t come that easy. It challenges every belief you have and at times even those learned doctors would hope for a miracle to save a LIFE. Such miracles always and only happen due to common people with kind hearts. Here is the story of one such life hoping for a miracle. 
Nuthana Teja, a one-year-old beautiful baby, is suffering from ADENOVIRUS with refractory hypoxemia. This virus has no medicine to cure and she is put on ventilation for the past few days. The little girl is undergoing treatment at Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. As there is no medicine, she need to be supported on ventilation until the virus goes away. The child is being treated with a high-frequency oscillator, prone positioning, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, inhaled nitric acid. The treatment is costing a lot and the family is in desperate need of funds to continue the treatment and save her life. They are waiting for a miracle to happen. 
Team Ashvattha came across this request and reached to Teja’s family members. With the help of kind donors from Ashvattha, we were able to donate a check of Rs 30,000 for the child’s treatment. We all hope and wish for a true miracle to happen for the baby girl to recover. Thank you donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for being one of those good people with kind hearts. 
AshvatthaMarch 2019 Update