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December 2018 Update

You may or may not realize, but you play an important role in your family.

“Please drive safely, your family is waiting for you!”
“SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS”. As a responsible citizen it is important for everyone of us to understand traffic rules and regulations. Though you are following all the rules and driving safe, it is always good to be cautious and attentive while driving, as you cannot control the drivers around you. You may or may not realize, but you play an important role in your family. Please drive safe, your loved ones are waiting for you at your home. 

Pavan, 23 years old,  a young boy from Warangal met with a big accident and was admitted in Yashoda Hospitals with a serious head injury. He is currently diagnosed as a case of RTA with Traumatic Brain Injury and SDH with Multiple Facial Fractures. He underwent a neuron and plastic surgery and is still being treated in ICU with high antibiotics, piped oxygen support along with other essential treatment. The treatment was estimated to around Rs.80 Lakhs which was very huge for their family. Pavan’s father works at a grocery store and is not in a state to afford this big amount. 

We came to know about this situation from one of our volunteers and contacted his parents at Yashoda hospital. After getting the details, Team Ashvattha donated Rs.35,000 for the hospital expenses. We hope their family gains the strength to recover from this problem. 

We thank all the donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for coming forward and helping Pavan!
AshvatthaDecember 2018 Update