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January 2019 Update

It hurts to see your loved one in pain, but it hurts more to see you cannot do anything about this pain.”  ~ Unknown

This statement cannot be more true when it comes to the parents seeing their child in pain. This is a baby boy, hardly 2 months old, suffering from pneumonia with 3 holes in the heart. He has to undergo a surgery and a long treatment to recover. His parents spent all they have on the initial treatment and lost hopes on getting the surgery done as they have no funds. They reached out to several non-profit organizations for help. They also contacted Ashvattha through a volunteer. 

Our volunteers visited the boy’s family at Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad. It is heartbreaking to see such a small baby going through so much of pain. We can see the state of the baby disheartened both the parents. No words can heal their pain. All we could do is console them and give them a little hope. A cheque of Rs.20,000 has been donated from Team Ashvattha to help the child recover. 

We hope the baby recovers soon, forgets all these pain and enjoys a beautiful and happy childhood. Thank you Donors and Volunteers for helping this baby!
AshvatthaJanuary 2019 Update