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September 2018 Update

“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” ~Buddha

Most of the times we see charity or help as something that benefits only the person on the receiving end. If may not always be true. The happiness you get in making someone smile, the inspiration you receive from someone fighting against the odds, the appreciation you get for just lending a helping hand, all above all the satisfaction you get when you realize you helped someone with their life… all these things are definitely on the other end, the giving end of charity and it is a honor to be on this end. Thank you for all such honorable people you support Ashvattha.

We received a request from one of our members, to help 3 days old premature twins. They weigh extremely low and their lungs were not developed completely. The twins have been admitted to NICU since they were born and were on respiratory and MV support. The support needs to continue for 8-10 weeks to develop their organs and it was costing several thousands per day. The family comes from a low-income group and they have already used all the savings they had to save their children. Getting all these details, Ashvattha volunteer visited the parents at Rainbow hospital in L.B.Nagar and donated an amount of Rs.50,000. We hope the babies recover soon and stay healthy.

Thank you donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for your support in making this happen.

AshvatthaSeptember 2018 Update