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October 2019 Update

“Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope when all seems hopeless!”
This is the story of a mother who passed away with cancer, a father fighting against odds to save his daughter and a little girl who is fighting a heart disease right from her birth. Sahasra, 2 year old, is the daughter of Smitha and Satish from Atlanta. She was born with congenital heart disease and went through multiple surgeries in these 2 years. She is currently undergoing a special routine which is pressing both emotionally and financially for the family. Her mother was too much occupied with taking care of her sick baby right from her birth and did not find time to take care of herself. Smitha was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 4th stage and the doctors could not save her as it was too late. She passed away at the age of 37, leaving her daughter to Satish. The family spent all their life savings on Smitha and Sahasra. The father is now left alone to take care of this little girl, provide her good treatment to recover and also pay the pending bills of Smitha’s medical treatment.

Team Ashvattha came to know about this family from one of the the donors of Ashvattha. We were moved by the story and decide to meet Satish in person and help the family as much as we can. The pain he must be going through is beyond imagination. All we can do is provide some financial support and pray for the baby girl to recover soon. Our volunteers in USA visited Satish in Atlanta and donated a check of $1000.  Let’s all hope that the family recovers soon and Sahasra enjoys her childhood normally. 
Thank you for all the donors and volunteers who came forward to make this donation!
AshvatthaOctober 2019 Update