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October 2020 Update

“And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope.” ~ unknown
Life is unpredictable. It throws different puzzles and problems at us each and every day and we struggle to solve them by gathering all the strength day after day. Sometimes, it takes more than strength, more than courage to face it. It is ‘hope’ that we need to push ourselves a little bit more each day. Here is the story of Naveen who is fighting with that hope each day.
Naveen was first admitted to Renee hospital (Karimnagar) with the symptoms of high  fever and severe hair fall back in Dec 2019. He was also finding it difficult to swallow food with throat pain. So the doctor has done USG for the neck and identified some lymph nodes. He was immediately admitted to Yashoda Hospitals Secunderabad where further diagnosis was done and it was identified that Naveen was suffering from Castleman disease with lupus (Autoimmune disease). 
Naveen’s wife, Bhavani, was the only breadwinner in their family and had no other financial support to help with Naveen’s treatment and medication. They used all the insurance money and their savings. Doctors suggested 2 chemos sessions which cost around 1 lakh per chemo. Later Naveen had more issues like blurry vision and loss of consciousness. He has to consult a Neuro Physician to undergo more tests. They spent almost 6 lakhs just for the diagnosis and tests. He was taking treatment at the NIMS hospital and needed help with chemos and further treatment. They reached out to help from charity organizations, at last. A volunteer from Team Ashvattha was able to visit Naveen and his wife at NIMS Hospital to get more details on his current state and donated a check of Rs.30,000. 

We hope that Naveen is recovering now and the family is coping up with the emotional and financial stress. They thanked all the donors of Ashvattha for coming forward to help them!
AshvatthaOctober 2020 Update