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May 2019 Update

“I am bent, but not broken”
Meenakshi Chitrode is a 35 year old woman from Indore. She has been fighting Scoliosis, a pre-mature birth defect, where her spine is not straight from her birth.  Though she has been fighting with this disability for a long long time, the smile on her face is still blooming. She is a strong confident independent woman. She may be bent, but her spirit is not broken. 
Now, as the bend is increasing, causing a lot of discomfort and pain, she had to undergo major surgeries. She was also diagnosed with Kyphoscoliosis with Split Cord syndrome and Diastematomyelia. She needed one surgery to de-tether the spinal cord and vertebrectomy and another one to correct the deformity. She is undergoing the treatment at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Mathikere, Bangalore. The first surgery was done on May 13th and the other one is scheduled in a couple of weeks. The surgery already costly about 10 Lakhs and she needs help with the post surgery expenses for physiotherapist and other recovery options which would cost about 2 Lakhs. She contacted Team Ashvattha for help and our volunteers contacted her to get all these details. A check of Rs. 35,000 was donated to her with surgery and post recovery.

Team Ashvattha hopes that the second surgery goes well and wishes her a speedy recovery. Thank you all for coming forward to help Meenakshi. Hope she recovers soon to live a healthy life.
AshvatthaMay 2019 Update