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May 2017 Update

“Never get tired of doing little things for others.
Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts!”

Let’s start with a short story this time….

One day, a father was teaching his son about God and he started telling how God loves us all and he treats us all equally. The kid was young enough to understand the suffering in the world and was not ready to accept the fact that God treats all human beings equally. He has seen people who are begging for food, sleeping on the foot paths and not even having good clothes to cover their body. With that pain and anger in his heart, he questioned his father on how this is considered to be equality when so many people are suffering in the world. His father was surprised by the anger on his son’s face but he also understood where those questions were coming from. He smiled at the kid and replied “It is good that you have compassion for people around you and you feel sorry for them. It will help you grow as a good human being. But, you also need to understand that they are not as unhappy as you think they are. A beggar is able to satisfy his hunger with whatever he earns for every meal, a person sleeping on the footpath is resting and dreaming as you do, a person wearing torn clothes is not as much concerned about his dress as you think. God might not have given equal money and luxury for all mankind, but He gave equal opportunists for every one to feel the happiness, share love and enjoy life. Once you start replacing your sympathy with love and respect, you will see the real strength of people and how happy they are. The world is more beautiful than you think it is.

This story reminds us to change our perception and see things in a more positive way. Like the man said, every small thing we are doing for the people around us should come out of love and respect. That is how we can build a strong and positive future for a better tomorrow. The day we are able to respect the strength of the disabled person, love an orphaned kid and be there for a person in need… will be the day we grow as human beings. In Ashvattha, our goal as a team has always been to move in that direction.

This month, as the schools started, Ashvattha team decided to help some kids with basic needs for schooling. We chose an orphanage with 33 kids in Medchal, Hyderabad: Caring Community for Children (Aaradya foundation).These children are   studying in various grades, starting from UKG to 10th standard. We took a list from the orphanage on what these kids need for one year of their schooling and as per the list we distributed stationary (pens, pencils, sharpers, erasers, scales, geometry boxes, pencil boxes), note books, school bags, lunch baskets, water bottles, a pair of black shoes and a pair of white shoes along with two pairs of socks. All these items amounted to a total of Rs.28,000A special ‘thank you’ to the team who put so much time and effort in purchasing all these items on a very short notice. This wouldn’t have been possible possible without your help!

It was an amazing feeling… talking to those kids, playing with them and getting to know them. It definitely took us back to our school days where the world was plain and simple and we just have to listen to classes, do our homework and play. For a moment, the kids made us forget all the complexities of the grown up world. We gave them just the basic things they need, but we believe we have learned even more important things from them. To love unconditionally, to live in today, to believe in tomorrow and to hope for a better future… their innocent and happy faces reminded us to appreciate and enjoy life even more. It is unbelievable how this equation works!

Thank you kids for reminding us the magic of a smile. And, thank you volunteers and donors for bringing smile on the faces of these kids.

We are happy to share that multiple newspapers have covered this news on Jun 18th in their district editions.

AshvatthaMay 2017 Update