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June 2019 Update

“Nobody on earth can love you more than your parents”
Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving. Parents go to great lengths to save, protect and give a healthy and happy life to their children. Specially, the pain parents go through when their children are suffering but they cannot do anything to make it better, is unimaginable. No words can bring peace to their hearts. All we can do is stay with them and support as much as we could.

Team Ashvattha received a request fro help from Santosh and Sirisha who gave birth to premature triplets, one girl and two boys, at Fernandez Hospitals, Hyderguda. The babies are extremely premature at 27 weeks with very low birth weights ((940, 860 and 890 grams). They are in Intensive Care Unit, right from birth, placed under ventilation support. They are facing extreme complexities with lung, blood and digestive system infections and undergoing treatment at NICU. Doctors estimated the recovery cost for each baby would be 8 to 10 lakhs, which is about 30 lakhs for all the 3 babies. Santosh works for a private firm and is not in a position to afford such high amounts. He was able to gather/borrow up to 8 lakhs from his friends and family and is looking for more help. He reached out to Ashvattha and volunteers from Ashvattha visited them at the hospital to know the details. We feel really sorry for the young couple who had to go through this much pain to save their children. A check of Rs.40,000/ was donated from Ashvattha. 
We hope the babies gain weight, recover soon and go home with their parents healthy and happy. Thank you all the donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for understanding the pain of these parents and coming forward to help them. Santosh thanked all of you for your big hearts.
AshvatthaJune 2019 Update