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June 2017 Update

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize…they were the big things!”

Do you remember the story “The new blue dress” from 8th standard in school? If you like to read it once more.. please checkout the story here: The New Blue Dress

It is short story were the teacher gifts a new blue dress to one of her poor students, and the happy face of the little girl in that dress changes the thinking of her family and all other families that live in her street. It is surprising how the smallest of the acts makes a huge difference. We never can predict how the little things we do for others change their lives forever.

As we keep grow old, we might stop appreciating little things in life, but seeing kids enjoy those moments definitely reminds us of our childhood. The smile on a child’s face wearing a new dress and showing it off to their friends and family… is priceless! Team Ashvattha decided to create that moment for all the children of Aaradya foundation. We decided to sponsor for new school uniforms to them which would make them happy and also be useful to them. Ashvattha volunteers visited the orphanage, talked to the kids and got a count of the uniforms they need. There are a total of 33 kids and each of them needed 2 sets of uniforms. Based on that we got estimates and donated a check of Rs.19,000 to the orphanage.

We are happy to see the kids wearing those uniforms and all ready for their schools. We are sure, this brings a smile on the face of every donor and member of Ashvattha. Thank you for making this happen!

AshvatthaJune 2017 Update