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July 2019 Update

“Life is a constant battle. Never forget what you are fighting for!”
At some or other point, in our life, we must have heard or realized the fact that Life is a struggle from birth to death. Though it sounds alright to hear the term “from birth”, it is unimaginable to see a new born baby struggling for life. It is really hard hitting to see a 3 day old baby having trouble to breath. It melted away our hearts to hear about one such baby.  
A 3 days old baby boy, son of Dhoop Singh and Geetha, is fighting with Congenital Heart disease. He was diagnosed with d-Transposition great Arteries with small Atrial Septal defect and Small Patent Ductus Arteriosus. He was not able to breath properly and was in ICU from birth. We cannot even imagine the pain he is having and the pain of the parents seeing their new born in that state. He was undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital and surgery was his only chance of survival. He needed Arterial Switch Operation which costs about 3.5 lakhs. The parents are fortunate to get that amount covered by Arogyashree. The family comes from a very poor background and they cannot even pay for the pre/post surgery expenses. One of our volunteers who knew them contacted Ashvattha for help. We were able to donate a check of Rs.25,000/ for the post-surgery expenses. We wish the baby a speedy recovery and a healthy childhood. 
Thank you all the volunteers and donors of Team Ashvattha for helping us in fighting this battle to save lives. Without your support, it wouldn’t have been possible to help this life and many more. 
AshvatthaJuly 2019 Update