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July 2019 Update 2

“Seat belts save lives”
On behalf of Ashvattha we request all of you use seat belts, wear helmets and follow traffic rules while driving. We all may have our won reasons, sometimes very valid ones, for breaking the rules. But, please remember none of those reasons are valid before your life. Please understand that nothing is more important than reaching our destinations safely. Here is an example where seat belts saved the lives of an elderly couple.

Samabaiah and his wife were on their way to Kareemnagar when they lost control of the car and hit a tree. They met with a terrible accident with major injuries. It was a big accident but seat beats saved their lives. They were admitted at KIMS hospital for treatment.  Samabaiah, 56 years old, was diagnosed with RTA polytrauma with Aortic Transection and Disction. He needed emergency thoracic arotic stenting. His wife is also undergoing treatment at the same hospital. The cost of surgery and treatment was estimated to be 10 lakhs and the couple were not in a state to bear that expenses. One of our regular donors knew them requested Ashvattha for help. Team Ashvattha met them and donated an amount of Rs.30,000/-

We hope and wish the couple recovers soon. Thank you all for your help in making this possible. We once again request you all to be careful while on road.
AshvatthaJuly 2019 Update 2