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July 2018 Update

“The best gift you can give a child is education.”

Education is the most powerful weapon with which one can change the world. Along with giving knowledge education changes the world into something better. It helps in developing a perspective of looking at life. More than anything, we believe that education breaks the cycle of poverty and gives the children a hope for a bright future.

With this hope, Team Ashvattha planned on playing it’s part in providing education for the orphan kids. After food and shelter, the next best thing one can provide to a child is education, an opportunity to study and build a career to progress in life. We are fortunate to have donors who share the same feeling and belief as Ashavattha. Mohan Pekal a generous donor came forward for this cause and was willing to donate for orphan kids education. We thank Mohan and all the people who joined their hands with us to make this happen.

Team Ashavttha decided to help the children of “Aaradya Foundation” by paying their school fees this year. There were a total of 39 children from various grades all studying at “SSG High School, Medchal”. Our volunteers got in touch with authorities at Aaradya foundation and got the details of all the children and their school fees. Team Ashvattha donated an amount of Rs.1,00,000 (One Lakh) directly to the school. This amount covers the school fees for these children for one year. We hope, this simple but profound act influences and nurtures belief in those young hearts.

We are very happy to share the thank you note from the children. We hope this brings are smile on the faces of all our donors and volunteers of Ashvattha who made this possible. This is a THANK YOU for all of the great hearts supporting Ashvattha.

AshvatthaJuly 2018 Update