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Happy 5th Anniversary Ashvattha

Yes, it has been 5 years since Ashvattha was started and time just flew by. It is always the people, that make an organization or a team successful. So, it is you who deserve an applause on this special occasion. “Happy Anniversary for all you who has been part of our journey and thank you all, from the bottom of our heart, for all the wonderful things you did so far and you continue to do.”

We have always celebrated Ashvattha’s anniversary with kids from various orphanages because it makes us happy to see their innocent and beautiful smiles. This year, we were planning to celebrate the anniversary in a different way to make it even more memorable for us and for the kids. All the team members put a lot of effort into pitching ideas, planning and executing the event.

Do you remember that day when you went out with your friends on an outing from school or a picnic with your family? The answer would be definitely be an YES for most of us. It would also bring a smile on your face as the memories start to pour out. It is those memories from our childhood that we cherish more and more as we grow up.

With that thought in mind, Team Ashvattha planned an outing for the kids of “Aaradya Foundation”. The event was planned on Jan 26th, on Ashvattha’s anniversary day. It was a one day trip, with both fun and educational activities. The day started of with picking up the kids from orphanage after the Republic Day flag hoisting. The kids were taken to Lumbini park in Hyderabad. The fun for kids started with the a boat ride in Hussain Sagar, alighting at The Buddha Statue followed by fun rides in the park, cake cutting and delicious lunch in the woods. While the morning was all fun, the afternoon turned out to be even more interesting and exciting. It was a trip to Birla Science Museum, where the children explored each an every thing, analyzing and visualizing the theories that they are learning in school. Later was the Birla Planetarium visit which was visually engaging. They watched a 3D movie for the first time in their lives and they loved the experience. Refreshments were served during the breaks to keep their energy going throughout the day. It is the volunteers who took care of the kids all day long and it was a rigorous efforts by all of them in all possible ways to ensure kids enjoy their day. The trip ended by dropping the kids back at the orphanage and the journey back home was worthwhile as the kids kept talking about the whole day among themselves. It is always interesting and fulfilling to sees the children talk with lot of happiness and excitement. This made the day for all the volunteers and Team Ashvattha.

We loved sharing this beautiful experience with kids and hope this visit to science museum and planetarium will plant a big dream in these little hearts. A big THANK YOU to the volunteers and staff of orphanage for ensuring the safety of children. And, Thank you donors who have been the back bone of this event. It is your support that made it possible. Last but not the least, we thank the Birla Management for giving the kids and volunteers a complementary visit to the Museum and Planetarium. We really appreciate all your help!

AshvatthaHappy 5th Anniversary Ashvattha