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February 2018 Update

“If you ate today, Thank a farmer!”

Not every family on this earth is lucky enough to have their basic needs fulfilled. Specially, with farming as the main occupation we see and hear about many families struggling to make their ends meet. It is hard enough for a farmer to feed his family, with all his sweat and blood. We can imagine how hard it would be to see his grown up son bed ridden and suffering with pain. We came to know about such family recently.

Sambasiva, a 22 year old from Rejerla Village – Khammam District, was suffering with a pain in abdomen and was diagnosed with Hepatitis B (Chronic HBV, a liver disease). Doctors suggested a surgery which cost nearly 1.5 Lakhs as soon as possible as that scenario would lead to Liver Cancer. Coming from a farming background, his family was not able to support for the operation and medical expenses. As soon as Ashvattha received the request, we reached out to the Sambasiva’s family in Khammam. We came to know that he was admitted in Hasini Hospitals in Vijayawada. One of our volunteer’s went all the way to Vijayawada to know the current status and donated a check of Rs.30,000 for the operation on the name of the hospital. Surgery was successful.

We came to know that Sambasiva completed his Diploma Civil Engineering. Hope he will recover soon and have a bright career to support his family and make his dreams come true.

We thank our volunteers for going that extra mile and donors for extending you helping hands to the people in need! We always treasure you!

AshvatthaFebruary 2018 Update