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Contribution to migrated workers during lock-down

“Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives!”
Hope all you are staying home and safe! While a section of the world population is trying to figure out how to adjust to this new normal, there is a whole another section of people for whom things turned up side down just in a matter of days. The daily workers have no means to feed their families, the migrated laborers have no way to reach out to their families and homeless people are probably starving without food and shelter. Corona virus has changed and is continuing to change our lives in the most unexpected ways. It is challenging the humanity to face our fears and fight stronger each day. It is our turn to prove that we have the strength to fight it. There is no better time than now, to prove that we are there for each other, we care of each other, we are responsible for each other and more than anything to prove that we are humans who understand the term HUMANITY! A big salute for all the doctors, nurses, essential workers who are fighting this battle on the front lines.

Team Ashvattha is trying to do its part in giving a small hope for the humanity and showing that no one is alone in this battle. To start with, we have donated Rs.70,000 to PM relief fund. Also, In this quarantine and lock-down period, the team managed to pull together and achieve the huge task of donating some basic food items to the migrated workers in rural areas near Palavancha in Kothagudem, Badrardi district. Three different villages Chatakonda, Sativarigudem, Thokugudem were identified by the team to provide some help. Our volunteer team lead by Ramesh put a great effort in collecting the list of families that need help and came up with a plan to execute with great care, responsibility and legal support. Packets of rice, dal, onions, tamarind, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, soaps and biscuits were distributed to about 250 families of migrated workers in these 3 different villages which costed about Rs.1,80,000. This event was organized with utmost care, keeping in mind the social distancing rules, safety of the volunteers doing this donation and all the people who attended the donation program.

A big thank you to Ramesh and all the volunteers who took time and risk in this pandemic to make this event possible. Thank you for all the donors for coming forward in very short time to make this possible. We are in this together and we will all fight this together.
AshvatthaContribution to migrated workers during lock-down