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August 2019 Update 2

“Human Spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it” ~ C.C. Scoot
Cancer is a disease which effects not just a single person, but his/her whole family. It is emotionally and physically exhausting to go through the recovery process.  Undergoing the Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy is the most painful process with takes all the life energies and weakens the spirit. 

Ram Reddy, at the age of 70, unfortunately has to go through this painful process. He was diagnosed with Lung cancer and was undergoing treatment in Yasoda hospital treatment. The family already spent 13 Lakhs on the initial treatment and needed 8 more Lakhs for the radiation therapy going forward. They exhausted all the resources that have and are looking for some help from the donors. We came to know about Ram Reddy from one of our Ashvattha Volunteers and contacted the family. Team Ashvattha volunteers reached out to them at KIMS hospital and donated a check of Rs.15,000/ for the therapy sessions.

We believe his spirit is more stronger than his Cancer. We wish and pray for Ram Reddy’s speedy recovery. Thank you Volunteers and Donors of Team Ashvattha for coming forward and helping him.
AshvatthaAugust 2019 Update 2