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August 2018 Update

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

We are living in a society that is forever-changing and where the change is rapid. Sometimes, it feels like there is more bad happening than good and the questions that bothers everybody is “why?”. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do we live in a world with so much pain and suffering? Why is there so much sorrow in our lives?

We may not be able to answer any of those “whys”. It is beyond human understanding. Also, it is not worth searching answers for what had already happened. The question should be “what do we do?”. What do we do to make the world a better place? What do we do to make our lives happy? What do we do to change our perspective of life?

Acceptance is the first step to move on. Accept that bad things will always happen but never loose hope. There is more good than bad happening in the world. Believe that there is more happiness than sorrow in our lives. If hundreds of people are willing to help a person who they have never met and will never meet in their lives, this must me true. There is more good in people than we see. Let’s change the perspective of seeing at life. The world around us is as beautiful as it ever is, we just have to be open to see it.

For Ashavttha, it is you people who go out of your way to help reduce the suffering of others, that make us believe in the beauty of human life. Thank you for giving us that infinite hope which drives us! Thank you for making us believe that there is more good in the people! Thank you for being the reason behind many beautiful smiles!

This month, we helped Harika, a 14 yr old girl, who is suffering with serious uterus related issue “Right Pelvi-Uretieric Junction Obstruction”. She went through a surgery already and needed one more surgery to solve the problem. She comes from a very poor background and her family was looking for help. One of our volunteers from Dharmapuri brought this request to Ashvattha and we were able to help the girl. Team Ashvattha visited the girl at Asian Nephrology Hospital in Hyderabad and donated an amount of Rs.30,000 for the surgery. We hope Harika recovers soon!

Thank you all the donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for making this happen!

AshvatthaAugust 2018 Update