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“Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” – Daryn Kagan

Mother nature never hesitates to reclaim her territory when things get out of hand. Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to control any of the nature’s disasters, but we always hold the power to bring her beauty back. Seeing thousands of people join hands to help the people of Kerala is truly inspiring. It is situations like these that remind us there is more humanity in the world that we believe.

From Ashvattha as well, we had many donors and volunteers who came forward to contribute to the Kerala Flood Relief. We truly appreciate their thoughtful contributions and it is these extraordinary things that saves the lives of many people. To date, we have sent more than 30 cartons of relief supplies such as biscuits, toiletries, tarpaulins, mineral water, medicines, candles, sanitary napkins, blankets, soaps, detergents, hair oil sachets, coffee and tea powders to help the people in Keral. A special thank you to our Doctor friend Mr.Pradeep who donated the dermatology medication. As a volunteer powered organization, Team Ashvattha is proud of our donors and volunteers who contributed their time and money to do good for others in need, in a very short time.

We feel sorry for all the people who lost their dear ones, homes and livelihood. With all your love and support, we hope the people of Kerala will gain the strength to restore their lives.

Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity!