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April 2019 Update

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible ” ~Christopher Reeve
There may be thousand reasons why something will not work, but there will always be one reason to make it work. Just believe in that reason and don’t loose hope. Hope is the only thing that pushes you to dig deeper, find alternatives and never give up. It makes anything possible. 
We recently came across a young woman who is fighting the Cancer monster with a great hope on life. She has been suffering with Breast Cancer for quite some time now and undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Though it is taking all her life energies to fight it, she never gave up. At a very young age, she is facing her problems very bravely and her family is supporting her. As the treatment should continue for a long time, they estimated the cost would be around Rs.15 Lakhs. Coming from a middle class family, she is not able to afford such high costs and requested Ashvattha to help. We may not be able to share her pain but we surely can raise her hope on humanity by doing the help we can. After talking to her personally and getting all the details, Team Ashavttha donated an amount of Rs.40,000 for her chemotherapy. She and her family felt very happy about the donation and conveyed their heartfelt thanks to the Team and all the donors of Ashvattha. 
Due to some personal reasons, she requested her information to be kept confidential. To respect her privacy, we are not sharing her details and photos. Hope you understand. Thank you all for coming forward to help her fight this battle against cancer. Hope she recovers soon!
AshvatthaApril 2019 Update