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April 2017 Update

“Never be afraid to help others in their time of need.
You never know when you may need that shoulder to lean on!”

There are some words which mean the same in any sentence but their value keeps changing with context. HELP is one such word. Based on the context and situation some times just an smile or a gentle word can be of great help and make a huge difference. That is the kind of difference that the society needs to grow and move forward in a positive direction. As a team we believe in this and always strive to make that difference.

We recently came across a case where a single woman as a wife is struggling hard to save her paralyzed husband and also support her family. We may not be able to solve all of her problems but we wanted to stand by her and support her. After all, that is a HELP which improves her trust on the society, gain some strength and also helps us smile with satisfaction.

Mr.Nageshwar Rao was a carpenter who worked as a Daily labor until he was paralyzed and bedridden a couple of years back. His wife is working as a maid to earn their living and also support her spouse. He is currently undergoing treatment at Mamta Hospital in Khammam. As per the doctors his kidneys and heart might be infected and he is in critical condition. Ashvattha volunteers visited him at his residence and after talking to the couple Ashvattha donated Rs.15,000 for Nageshwar Rao’s treatment.

Thank you donors and volunteers of Ashvattha for making this possible!

AshvatthaApril 2017 Update