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October 2018 Update 1

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

It gives a lot of strength just knowing that there is family and friends around to help support in the tough times. And, it gives even greater strength and respect on mankind when you know that people unrelated to you also come forward to show their support. After all, we belong to one kind – The Mankind. The world is a better place because of all the people who believe in that oneness. We are proud to have many such people at Ashvattha!

One of the volunteers from Ashvattha needed help for their family member Pranay Kumar, 35 years old, who was fighting with lungs, liver and kidney infection. Pranay was diagnosed with Acute Hepatitis-A, multi-organ dysfunction, acute liver failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute kidney injury. He was admitted in Apollo Hospital, had to go through a lot of tests and was on dialysis. His family and friends were able to help Pranay with some financial support, but they need more help to pay the hospital bills. Ashvattha stepped forward to show support and donated a check of Rs.20,000. We hope Pranay recovers soon.

Thank you, donors and volunteers for all your support.

AshvatthaOctober 2018 Update 1