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March 2018 Update

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person!” – Gautama Buddha

Success stories are a proof that an organization is effective. On behalf of all the donors of Ashvattha we follow up on the donations we make, to make sure the amount we donated served it’s purpose. Especially, when the donation was for some medical purposes, we would like to know if the patient has recovered. It gives us a great satisfaction them recovering and also motivates us to help many more in need. Here is one such story from Ashvattha.

Ramesh from Sunipenta (near Srisailam), is the person who Ashvattha helped in 2014 when he met with an accident and had to undergo a Brain Surgery in NIMS Hospital. The surgery was successful but later Ramesh was completely bed ridden with paralyzed left leg and left hand. He was taken to Kerala for Ayurvedic Physiotherapy Treatment and his wife requested Ashvattha for help again in 2016. Team Ashvattha visited Ramesh personally and helped him for the treatment. He has been undergoing the treatment for a couple of years now and it is improving his condition. This year they again requested Ashvattha for help to continue the treatment. Volunteers from Ashvattha contacted them, took all the details and an amount of Rs.30,000 has been donated to Ramesh. We are very happy to see how he has recovered in the past 4 years. Ramesh sent a video thanking Ashvattha and we are very happy to share that video with you. Ramesh’s family also called Ashvattha to thank us personally. We are happy to hear from them and we wish Ramesh a speedy recovery.

For all the donors and volunteers of Ashvattha, this is the impact you have created. Thank you for your contributions!

Ramesh Thanking Ashvattha – Video

AshvatthaMarch 2018 Update